Security & Risk Advisory
"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles"
Sun Tzu

Security & Risk Advisory

With an ever increasing risk to personal security from terrorists extremists and opportunist criminals, Blue Square Global provide 24hr discreet male or female private security operatives specifically recruited due to their exceptional abilities to keep you, your family, your staff and your clients safe without disrupting your life.

Our Services Include

Blue Square Global continues to support our diverse range of clients including corporate executive structures, high net worth families and individuals who have founded security needs and concerns.

We manage a range of security threats and risks to people, assets, infrastructure and reputation, delivering an intelligence-led approach to directly support the implementation of security solutions both physical and technical.

Our services include:

  • Protective security services
  • Threat assessments
  • Risk Analysis
  • TSCM Bug Sweeps and Detection
  • Counter surveillance & detection
  • Security project management
  • Crisis management support
  • Planning & Consultancy
  • Travel risk management

Being entirely client focused, our in-house ex-UK military operational team design and implement security solutions to ultimately protect people, assets, and sensitive information from a wide and varied range of threats.

Our clients trust in our ability to deliver a range of security solutions whilst maintaining and managing a low profile presence during each stage of our design and implementation process regardless of jurisdiction or area of operation.

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