Asset Investigations & Recovery
"A subtle thought that is in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value"
Isaac Asimov

Asset Investigations & Recovery

Asset identification and recovery is the most time critical part of any litigation or divorce proceedings that requires expert knowledge, speed, logical thought process and attention to detail resulting in good solid evidence to support a direct link between the misappropriated or hidden assets and the beneficiary.

Blue Square Global have an asset recovery team consisting of former specialist financial investigators and intelligence officers from Government and National Crime Agency departments, Big 4 Forensic accountants, globally renowned lawyers, barristers and trustees.

Using these skills and specialist resources, we support clients through the asset identification and recovery process on remediation projects including recovery of funds misappropriated through abuse of position, fraud, cybercrime, theft or if you are considering litigation, debt enforcement or divorce proceedings.

Our Services Include


Determining the existence of assets through an exhaustive financial investigation is the first requirement in any asset recovery case. Assets must be followed not only to their final hiding place, but causality must be established between the asset and the criminal activity.


Once financial investigations have identified assets as being possible proceeds of crime/corruption, freezing those assets becomes critical. However, premature freezing prevents investigators from following the money trail in real time.

Confiscation / Forfeiture

Whether by criminal or civil actions, a judgment is essential to transfer legal ownership of assets already frozen back to the requesting country or client.


There is no standard procedure for the restitution of illicitly acquired assets, as no two cases are exactly alike. Physical assets such as cars, aircraft, boats, etc may require a safe haven prior to repatriation, which we also have the ability to provide.


Requested clients, countries and the international community as a whole do not want to see repatriated assets embezzled all over again.

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