Multi Million Pound Investment Fraud In The Middle East

Investigations, Cyber Solutions and Forensic Accounting

Multi Million Pound Investment Fraud In The Middle East


Our client had made a multi million pound investment into a construction and development company in the Middle East however had seen no return and suspected their investment had been diverted off shore.


BSG’s in house cyber solution team commenced a full assessment of all electronic records including emails, spreadsheets, Skype and text messages. Our Forensic accountants conducted a review of the financial records to prove fraud, quantify the loss and locate the diverted funds.


The evidence provided was sufficient to prompt a sudden ‘without prejudice’ settlement meeting due to our team not only proving fraud, quantifying the loss and locating the diverted funds, we also identified a significant amount of the fraudsters wealth and had prepared our specilaisr lawyers to commence freezing orders of their hidden wealth. The fraudsters chose to return the funds in conjunction with significant costs for loss of investment opportunity to our client.